True data on COVID-19 remains elusive

New estimate of actual case count is 3-20 times greater than official tally; hospitals increase their own lab capacity, and the USA sees many new cases in current hot spots.

  • A statistical analysis published in the journal Nature Communications estimates that the actual number of COVID-19 infections in the United States is three to 20 times higher than the confirmed cases officially tallied.

  • New COVID-19 cases are rising significantly in Texas, California, Florida, Georgia and Louisiana, according to the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 tracker. Overall US numbers are about steady — not declining. Results from Labor Day weekend won’t be reflected until next week or later.

  • Kaiser Health News reports that many nursing homes and hospitals ignored guidelines to separate COVID patients from others, “in some places fueling (COVID19’s) spread and leaving staff unprepared and infected or, in some cases, dead.”

  • Hospitals are stepping up their own labs and systems to address COVID-19 test needs, unmet by private and government labs thus far. Modern Healthcare highlights four examples, including (my client) CommonSpirit Health, which opened its own new national lab to speed COVID-19 testing.

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