Building on flu vaccine model, advisors to consider whether annual boosters are needed to prevent severe Covid and deaths; Study points to significant "long Covid" symptoms after mild Covid illnesses
Quick guide to choosing masksIf you are going to wear a mask (and you should if you are in close quarters with other people,) please choose one that is likely to protect aga…
What's your Covid-19 action plan? WH urges tests before events and pre-positions ventilators, masks, other supplies; Florida politician aims at vaccine…
Big jump in new cases sparks concerns for medically vulnerable people in California, other states; booster shots authorized for infants and toddlers.
Global Covid trends improve; US, China continue to see illness, death; Twitter restores purveyors of false Covid information.
FDA updates self-test kit instructions, one top expert points to geographic variation in Covid risk, and what about RSV?
FDA authorization comes amid worry that Americans are not getting boosters fast enough; USA again tops weekly global Covid deaths. And, severe Covid…
And a non-Covid bonus: Earthquake and other Fall home safety tips, plus an update on polio virus detected in New York wastewater.
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Sree's Sunday Note
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