White House confirms Trump COVID policy relies on "herd immunity" or 100K+ more deaths

Absence of action morphs into what some call a "half-baked" strategy; public health experts fear death toll from COVID could reach 30,000 a day before year's end.

Just a few stories today. Keep an eye on hospitalization rates as surges continue in the Upper Plains and other regions.

  • Introducing a new euphemism - “focused protection:” A White House spokesperson Tuesday said the Trump COVID strategy is “herd immunity,” meaning that the virus should be allowed to spread unchecked except that vulnerable people should be protected. The approach, advocated by radiologist and Trump advisor Scott Atlas and others, would result in 100,000 to 200,000 more deaths in the next three months, according to epidemiologists at the University of Washington.

  • For a look at what happens when the novel coronavirus runs uncontrolled through a community, see Manaus, Brazil.

  • For a good illustration of herd immunity - and how it might kill millions without wide administration of an effective vaccine, check out this Washington Post article from August.

  • Two studies out today add evidence to suggestions that people with Type O blood have lower risk of COVID-19. The clinical implications are not fully understood, however.

Stay safe!

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