Let's listen to the tapes... and look at the facts

Leading vaccine trial paused due to possible adverse event, and Bob Woodward shares tapes of the president admitting that COVID-19 was deadly serious -- even while he was downplaying it publically.

Two big stories lead today:

  • AstraZeneca paused its Phase 3 COVID-19 vaccine trial while scientists investigate a possibly serious adverse event in a British woman who was treated with the vaccine in the trial. According to STATNews, the woman developed “symptoms consistent with a rare but serious spinal inflammatory disorder called transverse myelitis.” The study was briefly halted once before, in July, and resumed after neurological symptoms in one subject were determined to be unrelated to the vaccine. The AZ vaccine has been under development in cooperation with Oxford University.

  • Washington Post columnist Bob Woodward released excerpts from interviews with President Trump that include the president acknowledging on February 7 that COVID-19 was passed through the air and more dangerous than flu. Publicly, Trump denied these facts then — and many times since. Trump’s voice on a recording published by the Washington Post: “You just breathe the air and that’s how it’s passed.” And, on March 19, Trump told Woodward that he wanted to “play it down” so that Americans did not panic about the pandemic.

And a few other stories of note:

  • Sweden reported its lowest rate of positive COVID-19 tests since the pandemic began. The nation had more deaths per capita than most other nations but avoided severe restrictions or a “lockdown.” Health officials there credit the Swedish population for taking COVID-19 seriously and diligently adhering to social distancing and other protective measures.

  • South Dakota wants to welcome visitors. The state used $5 million of its COVID-19 relief funds for tourism advertising. Last week, the state’s COVID-19 case count spiked dramatically, possibly associated with the Sturgis motorcycle rally.

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