India, Brazil still lag far behind USA's COVID-19 death tally

Vaccine trial resumes; dire predictions from infectious disease and epidemiology experts about herd immunity and the coming flu season.

Hard to find any upbeat news today…

  • A University of Michigan survey finds that half of all adults 50 or older feel isolated some or all of the time, representing about twice the rate of isolation during pre-pandemic times. (Image above provided by the University of Michigan.)

  • Experts from the Infectious Disease Society of America predict a deadly period ahead — a “worst case scenario” — with both COVID-19 and seasonal flu spreading as more people move indoors for cold weather. Watch the media briefing at this link.

  • More about herd immunity: Researchers writing in the journal Nature consider whether herd immunity against COVID-19 might be achieved with only 50% of Americans exposed to the virus estimate that a “best case” scenario towards herd immunity without an effective vaccine would mean at least 500,000 and up to 2 million Americans dead before herd immunity is achieved.

  • Speaking of herd immunity: Infectious disease and other experts from the Stanford University School of Medicine issued a rare public rebuke of their former colleague, now-Trump advisor Scott Atlas. “To prevent harm to the public health, we … have a moral and ethical responsibility to call attention to the falsehoods and misrepresentations of science” promoted by Atlas, whose medical experience is as a radiologist. Read the full letter.

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