ICU capacity tested once again

Sharp increase in new cases brings Utah hospitals close to "crisis standards of care," meaning some critically ill patients may be left to die instead of receiving treatment.

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The USA’s COVID-19 rate by virtually every measure is rising sharply. Deaths remain well under the peak that was reached in April, but 871 deaths on Friday is part of a trend that has gone steadily upward since October 1.

Although not every expert has the same dire predictions as the epidemiologists at the University of Washington, there are few reasons to believe that communities are getting control over the novel coronavirus — even New York and California are now back to “trending poorly” according to

With a mobile society and inconsistent guidelines from state to state, confining the epidemic at this stage is virtually impossible. To most public health experts, that does not mean that COVID-19 cannot be controlled, as White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows suggested on Sunday.

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Here’s to keeping those faces covered whenever you’re near anyone who doesn’t live with you.

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