Eight days: USA’s COVID-19 cases jump 50%

With a surge in almost every state and hospitals reaching or exceeding capacity, the number of new cases alarms governors, experts and local officials.

With 152,000 new coronavirus cases confirmed Thursday, the USA now sees a trajectory rapidly heading towards the 200,000 new case benchmark. Even with improvements that reduce COVID19 deaths, the pattern has been consistent: new cases are followed by hospitalizations within about two weeks and then deaths after that.

Government officials in many places are announcing new restrictions such as closing of indoor dining or lower occupancy limits. Airlines have warned investors that the dramatic surge is likely to end any hopes of an economic recovery in the near term, especially as health experts urge people to stay home and not visit even family for Thanksgiving.

However, there remains no national strategy or central coordination. This is the same issue that has undercut previously successful control efforts in places like New York and California.

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