COVID-19 cases surge 54% in 2 weeks

The USA sees over 120,000 new cases a day two days in a row, Army medics sent to help civilian hospitals in Texas, and Ohio's governor says COVID is "coming after all of us"

With all eyes on the presidential election, it may be easy to overlook what is happening with COVID-19. Unfortunately, too many people are acting as if the novel coronavirus really was in the “rear view mirror.” Instead, the USA has recorded astounding record-high numbers of new cases each of the past several days. And, contrary to what some partisans have tried to show, the rising number of cases is followed by surging hospitalizations and deaths.

  • Montana’s leaders have tried hard to avoid regulations or enforcement, but the latest COVID surge has prompted Montana officials to change their approach - especially regarding masks, according to a report by Kaiser Health News.

  • The World Health Organization reports that 214 human COVID-19 cases have been linked to Denmark’s minks.

  • More than 300 cases of COVID, including at least one as far away as New Hampshire, is linked to the Sturgis, South Dakota biker rally that drew hundreds of thousands in August. The New York Times has a detailed report on the consequences.

  • Despite relatively better control of COVID-19 since early summer, New York City hospitals saw 62% more COVID-19 patients in October compared with September. At the same time, the state and city are easing some restrictions.

Let’s see what happens in the days and weeks ahead.

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