Containing COVID-19 means closing the borders to keep Americans out

The USA remains at the top of the global pandemic scoreboard, with over 4 million confirmed COVID-19 cases and 145,000 confirmed deaths. Brazil is a distant second.

Today’s headlines are below, but first, please tune in: I was a panelist on this week’s MidAtlantic Show podcast on politics from both sides of the Atlantic. The discussion was far-reaching, as usual, but this week was intriguing because of some developments north of the U.S. border. And the fact that Canada won’t be opening up the border anytime soon because of the rampant COVID-19 in the USA. The episode should post by Saturday morning.

Today’s COVID-19 headlines:

The following item may be NSFW but is noteworthy on a few levels, including as an example of direct communication about health risks and protection: British Columbia’s health department has published a very detailed guide to sex during the COVID-19 era. It echoes what the NYC Health Department published awhile back, but it goes into more specifics.