CDC warning gets real: stay home

Thanksgiving gatherings likely mean 300,000 COVID-19 deaths by mid-December. This is going to get much worse before vaccines begin having any impact, and that is a best-case scenario.

We are speeding towards 300,000 Americans dead from COVID-19, and the data from the past week suggest that we are going to get to that grim point much faster than previous forecasts predicted.

There is a lot of COVID-19 related news today, including the dramatic tone shift in today’s message from the CDC.


For further thought:

The New York Times has done yet another outstanding data analysis and visualization. This one shows unequivocally how COVID-19 mitigation measures directly link with results. Simply put, places that seriously “locked down” were able to swiftly reduce COVID-19 spread, and the places that lifted restrictions before seeing reduced infection spread are the places that now suffer the most.

The map is worth spending time with. Here is an image. Click on the image to go to the interactive map at the New York Times website.

A few events worth watching:

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