An autopsy of the USA's COVID-19 response

Major article in The Atlantic documents years of failure leading up to the colossal mess that is our present experience; Other news: CDC tells travelers to stay home, and it's no time for cruising.

I hope everyone had a chance to rest over the weekend — while keeping a distance from those outside your own households. Social distancing, face-covering and keeping hands clean are the facts of life for the foreseeable future.

COVID-19 has forced every government agency to rethink how it operates. The reliance on printed blueprints and other documents to secure building permits hinders adoption of energy efficient solar power and other innovations. The co-founder of one of my clients, Andrew Birch of OpenSolar, is involved in an effort to standardize and digitize the process to get permits for new solar power installations. Here’s an article that explains why digitizing solar power permits is even more important as we cope with COVID-19.